Are we Generation Sitting?

Yes, you’re probably sitting down while reading this.

…and that the majority of human kind awake right now is sitting as well. With the advancement of technology we are spending more and more time not being active or sitting and this is becoming a major problem for our societyWe, a small startup from Germany called LYMB.iO, have decided to tackle this issue by having fun and using technology.

Join the conversation about why we sit so much and in which ways we can get up so don’t end up as #generationsitting.


Throughout the evolution of humankind, our bodies were made to move. But somehow, the evolution of the last decades lead us to a more sedentary lifestyle than ever. We spend about 75% of our day sitting down and as it looks today, that number might just increase in the coming years.


10 hours a day sounds like a massive time for an activity, especially if it’s one, that’s not good for you, like sitting. So it becomes more and more important for our society, to get more active, create environments that don’t demand sitting as much as we do, and generally improve our activity level. Especially office jobs, and the consumption of digital media contributes to the largest part of the 10 hours in average. If you’re still sitting reading this here’s a few tips how to mix it up.


The consequences of an inactive lifestyle have been known and constantly communicated over and over. So we’re not gonna bore you with how bad inactivity and sitting is for your body. How many diseases and injuries you could avoid by just being more active. But we’re going to leave it with one number. 5 million deaths per year could be avoided by a more active lifestyle. Time to stand up! 

Excerpt from the 2021 UNESCO policy brief „Making the Case for Inclusive Quality Physical Education Policy Development

Stay Active in New Ways

If you’re a little frustrated by now, don’t stress. There’s plenty of ways, how to stay active and incorporate a non-sedentary lifestyle into your daily routine. From little office walks, standing desks, five minute workouts up to taking the bike or walk to work instead of sitting in the bus, you can take charge of those 75% of your day and make it yours. 

By now, you might be wondering, who we are, and why we are promoting this. The team of LYMB:iO set out with our mission to make the world more active through fun and gamification. We want to see tech make you more active, not more inactive and you can have a look how what this means for us with our new free motion gaming console or our professional solutions to make sport more fun and interactive.